Bleublancrouge expands its mobility expertise

A catalyst for mobility projects of the future. The bridge between citizens and big ideas.

Bleublancrouge announces the creation of BBR Commuter, the very first ultraspecialized mobility and transportation marketing group. Featuring a team of multidisciplinary marketing experts and mobility industry leaders, this advisory group will keep a close eye and report on key events, providing guidance to companies across the industry.

“The evolution of urban modes of transportation, delivery methods and vehicle technology is upending not just the automotive industry, municipalities and transportation services, but the entire system. Together, all stakeholders must find new ways to create value. The focus in the coming years will remain awareness and communication, so that these changes can actually benefit the public. This is the challenge BBR Commuter is set on tackling,” says Simon Cazelais, Partner and President of Bleublancrouge Montreal.

With new modes of transportation and delivery, new public and private investments, we are on the brink of a real revolution according to Luc Arbour, head of the new mobility and transportation group and current Vice-President, Account Services, Toyota.

“The major changes in the mobility of goods and people have ramifications on every aspect of our lives. We all feel the repercussions already, whether it be smog episodes, blocked bridges or the rise in alternative modes of transportation, to name only a few. We are here to lay the foundation and help transportation agencies, companies and government bodies at all levels make the necessary marketing shift with consumers in mind.”

With decades of experience in automotive marketing and market research for clients such as Toyota, Vulog, Sherlock and BRP under its belt, Bleublancrouge has what it takes to understand and explain the issues central to mobility and put its expertise to work for consumers and industry players.


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