Bleublancrouge is on the move

A wave of nominations is unfurling at Bleublancrouge to strengthen the agency’s strategic and digital offerings.

The President of Bleublancrouge Toronto, Wahn Yoon, will ensure strategic leadership as Head of Strategy, while operations will now be led by David Bélanger as Director. Furthermore, Andrea Doyon, VP Storytelling of Alice & Smith, will leverage his experience to elevate Bleublancrouge’s level of technological innovation in the role of Vice-President, Digital Solutions.

Thanks to more than 20 years of experience in strategic development, Wahn Yoon has worked with internationally renowned businesses. With Bleublancrouge, he participated in creating the agency’s Structural Mapping Process (SMP) and co-founded L’Institut Idée, a think tank and laboratory for Great Ideas. His new role as Head of Strategy, combined with his duties as President, will allow him to integrate SMP as a proprietary and distinctive process within Bleublancrouge while also enhancing our ability to provide strong strategic leadership.

“I am very happy to announce these changes in the agency’s leadership. During the last few years, David demonstrated a great strategic sense and a unique capacity to help our clients evolve,” said Simon Cazelais, President of Bleublancrouge Montreal. Cumulating more than 10 years of experience in strategy with major local and international clients in the context of integrated and digital planning, David is also a seasoned trainer and speaker at Infopresse.

While keeping an active role within our sister agency, Alice & Smith, specialized in gamification and the creation of video games, Andrea Doyon will gather the agency’s digital strengths around our clients’ missions. “This new role will create a greater connection between Bleublancrouge and Alice & Smith, while continuing the work already started with many clients. Today, success resides in the constant blend of expertise, and this evolution of our strategic strengths is a good example,” said Simon Cazelais.