Bleublancrouge Launches BBR Studio

“Production methods have come a long way in the last few years and taking care of all the steps in the process from start to finish gives us 100% control of the finished product.”

Crédits : Guillaume Mérineau

Bleublancrouge is proud to announce the launch of BBR Studio and welcome three production managers to the new team: Anne Saint-Laurent, Lisanne Auger-Bellemare and Justine Tremblay. Headed up by VP, Production Ève Mathieu, this in-house creative studio has what it takes to generate both online and offline multidisciplinary content and deliver a high-end product.

Anne, Lisanne and Justine bring ample years of experience to the table and a fresh take on leadership to the production team that fits our agency’s vision like a glove. Making way for the next generation, Bleublancrouge is committed to doing things differently with employees and their talents at the heart of the agency’s success.