Bleublancrouge reflects on the TEDxMontreal experience

Bleublancrouge, proud partner of TEDxMontreal, presents its favourites from the 2016 event. Several speakers knew just how to captivate and intrigue the audience, and those in attendance from Bleublancrouge reflect on the highlights of a unique experience where collective inspiration takes centre stage.

Simon Cazelais, President of Bleublancrouge Montreal, was intrigued by the talk given by Graham Calder, founder of P3 Permaculture, a company whose goal is to make permaculture accessible. An element of biological thinking, permaculture uses the principles of biology to solve complex problems. By observing nature and its forces, this approach enables us to find ways to create an ecologically sound society.

“Increasingly, we have to seek out new approaches in order to uncover different solutions, and observing the earth’s natural phenomena takes our thoughts elsewhere,” says Simon Cazelais. Making a difference starts with being curious and opening up to others around us, and participating in the TEDxMontreal experience enables us to be exposed to and reflect on many different points of view.

Suzy Truong, Strategic Development Coordinator, understands that while people who work in advertising are exposed to creativity every day, this is not the case for every industry. It’s for this reason that the talk given by Philippe Demers, whose mission is to connect artists and companies by means of artistic content, resonated with her. Driven by a generous and highly altruistic mission, Philippe Demers’ MASSIVart initiative makes art more accessible and allows all kinds of people to experience art and share their emotions. Inspiration is just as powerful as knowledge; to make a difference, we need inspired and inspiring people. Participating in TEDxMontreal feeds this need.

“When we really commit to something and believe in our abilities, we can do anything,” says Carine Liberian, Director of Account Services, following the talk given by Susan Wener. The strength and perseverance shown by this woman, who experienced very trying times, is a source of inspiration for us all. How can anyone not be inspired by someone who says, “Things are only impossible because they have not been done yet”?

A favourite of Albéric Maillet, Strategist, was the talk given by Alexis Charpentier, who ended the day by offering a very personal perspective on music appreciation in the era of online curation. Founder of the Montreal site Music is My Sanctuary, which is dedicated to uncovering and sharing music’s “forgotten treasures” and “future classics”, Alexis reiterated the importance of overcoming algorithms in an effort to form one’s own opinion of the world. Being able to explain and understand the reality that surrounds us is essential to going off the beaten track. In doing so, we can make the kind of beautiful and inspiring discoveries that would likely never be possible without first questioning the status quo and defying conformity.

At Bleublancrouge, we understand just how important it is to stimulate creativity across various subjects in order to look at issues in a different way. Our partnership with TEDxMontreal represents the desire to enrich our perspectives and approach our daily challenges in a way that takes advantage of an approach that is making a real difference.