Bleublancrouge Strengthens its Content Offering

Bleublancrouge is proud to welcome influence marketing strategist Coralie-Jade Fournier and digital content strategist Julie Trudeau on board. With their interdependent skill set in digital marketing and communications, Coralie-Jade and Julie are bolstering the agency’s content offering.

The importance of branded content is on the rise and the agency is looking to the best talents in the industry to strengthen this practice. “At Bleublancrouge, we now have all of the necessary resources to increase the reach and engagement of our campaigns—rapidly and in real time,” says Dave Gourde, Partner and Vice-President, Media.

Coralie-Jade is an excellent observer of the dynamics at play between consumers and influencers. With her select network of content creators, she will help bring influence marketing to the next level for our clients. Similarly, Julie Trudeau’s great expertise in social platforms, together with her leadership skills in digital strategy and branded content, will enhance the performance of our clients’ brands.

Both Julie and Coralie-Jade have worked for major clients in the food, construction and beauty industries, and together they have nearly 10 years of combined experience in content creation and strategy.