World in motion

The world is reinventing itself. It’s happening tremendously fast, and we’re feeling the effects of this exponential change all around us. These days, we live in a world in motion.

We train ourselves to focus on the essential issues for our clients. We deliver creative solutions that take marketing to a whole new level, because we’re plugged in to society.
We tap into that power, and we channel it.
In our eyes, there’s nothing linear about the relationship between a brand and its audience. It’s a cycle that starts with the community and revolves around the community. It’s powerful, and it’s organic. It’s a connection that runs so much deeper than just making the sale. It’s an ecosystem in itself.


Where utility and entertainment flow together

There’s no such thing as inertia.

In this fast-paced world, we stand firmly by our mission: To blaze a unique trail that leads to success for select leaders.

We focus on the point where utility and entertainment converge to spark a reaction and anchor your brand in hearts and minds.



Transparency runs deep through everything we do. It’s the building block of all our business models and creative strategies.


We never think twice about rocking the boat to make sure our clients stay ahead of the game. We go where few others dare to venture.


Our solutions find their own way into consumers’ lives. It’s something that happens organically when culture and circumstance converge.

Our story

The agency ranks as one of Canada’s top 10, and was shortlisted for Strategy Magazine’s 2016 and 2017 Agency of the Year award.

It all started in 1983. Right from day one, we’ve always been committed to changing the way things are done, because we know how communication can reach beyond the message itself and spark real change.

Today, Bleublancrouge and the one hundred fifty team of creative minds working from our offices in Montreal and Toronto carry that very same torch of free thinking and spirit as they keep on crafting bold campaigns that make an impression on society.

Pillars of Expertise

Entertainment and technology



Transportation and mobility

Social causes


  1. Strategy
  2. Advertising
  3. Digital solutions
  4. Influence marketing
  5. Strategic alliances
  6. Brand content
  7. Public relations
  8. Identity
  1. Experience
  2. Event and activation design
  3. Permanent expos
  4. Digital experience
  5. Interactive interfaces
  6. Internet of Things
  1. 360-degree strategy
  2. Digital strategy and analytics
  3. Influence content
  4. Ad tech
  5. SEM and SEO
  1. Transcreation
  2. Unilingual revision
  3. Ad copywriting
  4. Linguistic consultation
  5. Production services
  1. Web
  2. Graphic design studio
  3. Editing studio