Speak local

We created BBR Brand LanguageTM to fill a void in the market. Year after year, marketing managers would knock at our door and ask us if someone, somewhere, had what it takes to blend the creativity of an ad agency with the skill set of a translation firm. We created this service for them, and for every brand that desires to connect with local culture using words that accurately reflect their image.


Goodbye translation, hello transcreation

Transcreation breaks free of the confines of standard translation by adapting your whole brand language to a specific target audience. To convey the essence of your message in another language, we inject cultural relevance.

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it

Ever noticed how the top brands have a way of saying things in their own way? Your style, tone, vocabulary, linguistic level and attitude are all part of your identity—so we define your voice to make sure it’s just as recognizable as your logo.


The French- and English-speaking communities in our own backyard are the markets we know best. We work from your original French or English material to bring your brand into their inner circle.

We ♥ marketing and communications

Slogans, websites, TV and radio spots, print ads, mobile apps, emails, flyers, packaging—whatever consumers can lay their hands on. You name it, we’ve got it covered.

One brand, one team, one custodian

We build a little team for every one of our clients—coordinator, translator, proofreader and copywriter—and we appoint an official custodian who takes you under their wing and keeps a watchful eye over your brand.

A culture of excellence

Local resources, extraordinary talent, keen attention to detail and handcrafted language are the name of the game here. We also have some pretty high-powered software to keep track of what we write over time and ensure the utmost consistency.


  1. Adaptation
  2. Translation
  3. Localization
  1. Comparative revision
  2. Proofreading
  1. Content creation
  2. Product naming
  3. Interface terminology
  1. Quality audits
  2. Market perspectives
  3. Compliance with Quebec’s Charter of the French Language
  4. Advertising regulations


TV, radio, web, video, mobile platforms, gaming, social media, subtitling, scripts, print media, outdoor advertising, POS, flyers, direct marketing, event marketing, internal communications, press releases, presentations, training, articles, packaging, B2B, B2C