Creating content that seeps into pop culture

Today’s production methods are a world away from yesterday’s. After more than 30 years in the business, Bleublancrouge’s production unit is launching BBR Studio, an on-site creative studio complete with a sound booth, green screen and all the right audiovisual equipment for generating the highest quality multidisciplinary content for online and offline use.


Giving ourselves the means

The means to make all kinds of ideas happen quickly without breaking the bank. We’re talking ads, stunts, displays, tech innovations, brand content, audiovisual pieces, social media content and more.

Tapping into talent

Versatility is having a core unit of experts with talent at their fingertips. This talent includes our own creatives, producers and tech experts, as well as all the artisans in our network, not to mention YouTubers and independent content creators.

Reacting in a heartbeat

Immediacy is key. We’re tuned in to our audiences, because it’s vital for brands to be in the right place at the right time. A quick reaction to what’s capturing people’s attention means we can dive right in and ride that wave.

Streamlining the frame

Seamlessly integrating the production, creation and tech side of things streamlines the frame when it comes to spearheading timely and relevant brand interventions. Our methods are designed to accelerate, simplify and optimize the process.

Magnifying ideas

Handling the implementation from start to finish translates to absolute control of the end product. We craft creative ideas ourselves, and then we magnify them. No matter how fleeting or timeless, every initiative bears our seal of quality.


  1. Graphic design
  2. File editing
  3. Print and digital retouching
  1. Graphic animation
  2. Video editing
  3. Sound studio
  1. Casting
  2. Studio direction
  3. Talent royalty management (UDA artist union)
  4. Studio bookings
  1. Project management (websites, banners, optimization)

Areas of expertise

Film shoots, videos, TV, radio, events, artists’ unions, legal framework.