Love at First Ride

For years, Bombardier Recreational Products has maintained a very masculine image of its Can-Am Spyder, in a category long dominated by the likes of Harley-Davidson and BMW. Though very popular in Quebec, the unique three-wheeled vehicle was struggling to gain traction elsewhere. After applying our proprietary Structural Mapping Process (SMP), we realized that we were not courting the right people; unlike conventional bikers, Spyder enthusiasts follow the straight and narrow and want to safely explore the great outdoors. This lifestyle became the starting point for reinventing the brand. It was from this about-face that the worldwide Open Your Road campaign was born. We met with real Spyder owners whose testimonials about their time on the road served as the backbone of our Love at First Ride video, shot in Chile and Kelowna, in BC’s Okanagan Valley. We discovered a wonderful community, united by their love of exploring the great outdoors on a Spyder.