Cadillac Fairview

The Magic Gift Workshop

Experiential augmented reality projects are increasingly becoming our reality. And in this particular case, Cadillac Fairview gave us carte blanche. Enter the Magic Gift Workshop, a unique digital experience—created in only 37 days—that allowed shopping mall visitors to have magical creatures called Tufties wrap their gifts. Once their gifts were wrapped, shoppers big and small could share a personalized video of their immersive experience on social media. Our studio called upon Brazilian designers to illustrate and animate the Tufties, and Montreal artisans to build the Workshop. Following the success of its presence at CF Carrefour Laval and CF Rideau Centre in year one, the Magic Gift Workshop returned at Christmastime the following year, spreading its magic to three other Canadian malls as well. In just two years, the Tufties are already on the road to becoming a leading brand for Cadillac Fairview.