Cadillac Fairview

The Magic Gift Workshop

The agency reinvented the holiday shopping experience with Cadillac Fairview’s Magic Gift Workshop, a total immersion into the fairy tale world of the Tufties. Visitors signed up online and then showed up in person to have a gift specially wrapped by adorable digital creatures and receive a video of their #CFmagicworkshop experience. Thanks to a social amplification strategy, nearly 70,000 people viewed and shared the videos on Facebook. In its second year, the Magic Gift Workshop welcomed more than 20,000 visitors in just one month, 60% of whom said that they thoroughly enjoyed their experience at the shopping centre. The Tufties made appearances on all platforms, including a 2-minute video broadcast on YouTube and in 22 movie theatres across Canada. In all, the media campaign generated more than 650,000 complete views.