In the cloud

Summer festivals attract hundreds of thousands of visitors all across Quebec. In 2016, to stand out from the crowd of festival sponsors, Loto-Québec decided to intervene in the daily lives of festivalgoers. All summer long, we captured their most memorable moments and offered unforgettable on-site experiences. All of this content was then stored in the cloud, a virtual and physical space that enabled us to transport Quebecers’ memorable moments from festival to festival. Once festival season had wrapped up, we asked six illustrators, two dancers and one choreographer to reinterpret these moments and create an immersive 360-degree experience for virtual reality headsets. This world of entertainment was then optimized for mobile and shared with the general public via video. Over the course of the summer, we entertained more than 40,000 festivalgoers whose photos and videos generated more than 400,000 views on social media. In the end, the campaign reached more than 2.5 million people, and engagement went up by 350% compared to the previous year.