The World's First Spliff-Sniffing Billboard

On July 1, 2017, Prohibition crashed the biggest party in the country for Canada’s 150th anniversary, in Ottawa, to mark the official one-year countdown to legalization. For the occasion, Prohibition installed an interactive billboard inviting passers-by to celebrate legalization with a #WeedTweet i.e. a tweet triggered by marijuana smoke. The panel was equipped with polymer detectors that detected marijuana smoke in real time. The smoke triggered an animation on the screen and instantly displayed a tweet that was generated and sent from our database. The tweets were automatically sent from the Prohibition account to a Canadian celebrity, such as Drake, Avril Lavigne and Justin Trudeau, and invited people to salute legalization and progressive values in Canada. Each #WeedTweet included a link to a YouTube Live video, allowing users to share their live countdown.