Makeup maven Sephora is also a skin care specialist, something that most big-city cosmetics-loving, social media-savvy women seemed not to know. Bleublancrouge sought to seduce these women with a facial mask-inspired web offensive. Tongue-in cheek “I love my job” and “I’m so over you” videos comically brought to life the masks we sometimes wear to hide our true feelings. Statements like, “My homemade brownie recipe is from a box” stole the spotlight on multiple ad platforms. And the public unmasked their own confessions by the thousands! All in the name of promoting the Sephora brand and increasing its skin care sales. The campaign helped Sephora reach an ambitious sales target in only six weeks, after having convinced 33% of consumers surveyed to buy in-store or online. With this new share of the market, Sephora was able to oust the competition and even surpass their closest rival.