Illuminated Garden

Finding inspiration in a hardware store isn’t easy! To truly inspire Quebecers and honour those who stop at nothing to colour their world, we took the Sico colour display out of context and placed it in Montreal’s Parc de la Petite-Italie, where an immersive experience came to life for all to see. With a simple scan of their chosen paint chip colour in a specially designed module, visitors witnessed thousands of fibre optic strands light up and flood the area with a rainbow of colours. Under starry skies, this interactive work of art—comprising more than 33 km of optical fibre and 4,380 paint samples—enabled more than 1,500 passersby to experience a magical moment that displayed the wide range of Sico colours available to brighten up our everyday. More than 2 million people watched a video of the event and, across Quebec, intent to purchase jumped to 19% (double our goal) and retail sales increased by 7.4% over the same period. For a mature product, these results are no mean feat!