Toyota dealers in Quebec’s capital wanted a campaign designed specially for their city. So we transformed a RAV4 into a recording studio in order to collect testimonials live from La Vieille Capitale. It was an ad for the citizens of Quebec City, by the citizens of Quebec City: an unusual concept in the automobile industry, where advertising stunts are rare. To ensure that the result would be entertaining—a major challenge—we asked participants funny questions that, in the intimacy of the RAV4 versus on the street with a camera thrust in their face, enabled them to spontaneously let loose. The funniest answers, commented on humorously by Toyota’s iconic spokesperson, Richard the Tow Truck Driver, really brought the campaign’s radio ads and online videos to life. Together with Rouge FM, we even ended the day with appetizers, music, a car show and gift cards for Place Laurier… the cherry on top of an extraordinary event.