Skip Dad

Two truths about Millennials: they skip ads on YouTube all the timeā€¦ and they really resent having to depend on their parents for lifts. This reality proved to be the jumping off point for Skip Dad, a humorous web-only campaign that targets a generation with a natural aversion to advertising. How? By introducing the tantalizing idea of getting their own ride, while avoiding having embarrassing and awkward conversations with their parents. The pre-roll ad, which demonstrated our understanding of Millennials, was broadcast on several dedicated sites in addition to YouTube. By rethinking the use of the format, we optimized our ad and really hit the nail on the head. Even when our young target audience chose to click on the button to skip the ad, 100% of them were exposed to the message. In just three months, the ad had more than 463,000 engagements and a click-through rate that was six times higher than the automotive industry average. Talk about a solid performance!