U Sports

Two targets, two languages, one logo

Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS) is more than 100 years old. And over the course of its long history, it has never had a name, or even an acronym, adapted to its bilingual audience. SIC in French. CIS in English. SIC-CIS? Or maybe CIS-SIC? Neither of these holds much appeal for Canadian athletes—Francophone or Anglophone. And as for creating a sense of belonging? Forget about it. So it was time to create an identity and a voice that would unite the brand’s two key audiences: athletes and sponsors. Designed by Hulse & Durrell and penned by Bleublancrouge, the new identity took a graphical approach to language, resulting in a unifying and emblematic signature: U Sports.  A veritable rallying cry, the newly named brand received critical acclaim across the country.