The Division

To market Tom Clancy’s The Division, Ubisoft would have to face off against Gen Y gamers, a target market with an aversion to advertising. How could we get them to engage with The Division? By inviting them to create the story themselves—online. Once word was out, spin-off storylines and illustrations poured in by the thousands, which inspired The Fall of Canada, a trailer created entirely by fans—a world first! More than 225 illustrations were submitted, 125% of our objective. Vice Media also got in on the action with Infected, a three-part documentary series specially produced for the occasion that asks, “If a pandemic hit Manhattan, would Canada survive?” The documentary was seen more than 1.2 million times, a result 315% higher than expected. With 482,735 views on social media and 232,885 pre-video views beyond the 30-second mark, The Fall of Canada trailer far surpassed the goals of 400,000 and 125,000 views respectively. One thing is certain: The Division topped the charts as the fastest-selling game in history.