Timely Content

Ubisoft Canada has long favoured the use of traditional marketing methods to reach its target audience. But because gamers access tons of content on different platforms, standing out and sustaining their interest has become a huge challenge for brands. To get involved in the daily lives of a target that is fuelled by popular culture, we decided to create a real-time content campaign that identified trending topics as they happened. Instead of creating new conversations, we created relevant daily content that prolonged existing conversations. Our creative approach proved worthy of the Canadian Ubisoft community’s interest on Facebook and Twitter, with nearly 400 pieces of timely content resonating between January and December 2015, prompting roughly 19,000,000 actions related to brand engagement. And that’s not all. Compared to the previous year, engagement with the brand on social media increased by 37%—far surpassing the client’s objective of 20%.