Glassroom is shaking up the world of media

Compliance, security and autonomy in programmatic marketing

The advertising industry is undergoing significant change, and there is no longer any room for abuse by certain suppliers and large networks. Clients want to get to the bottom of things like hidden margins, synthesized data that always has a positive spin, overly complex presentations and unjustified purchases. They also want to put the brakes on the misappropriation of data collected via their campaigns. To address this issue, Glassroom—a new specialist division created by Bleublancrouge—offers support and consulting services for digital performance solutions.

“The industry is beset by oversights and missteps in portfolio management and the sharing of advertiser data. According to a recent survey by the World Federation of Advertisers, the majority (56%) of advertisers reported having introduced internal training programs to obtain a better understanding of digital performance issues and break free from having to rely on non-transparent agencies. For us, the internalization of digital capabilities is a good thing!” said Dave Gourde, who adds the role of President of Glassroom to his responsibilities.

“Glassroom wants to establish compliance standards for digital performance management and data management. To bring about change, we need to be brave and look at our industry in a different light,” continued Gourde.

Glassroom is looking to shake things up by working in close collaboration with its clients. By establishing a new discipline that will ensure compliance in terms of performance and technology, the division hopes to help advertisers take control of their data and seize new opportunities.

“Big name brands are looking for transparency and security, which is why we want to help them take an interest in their ecosystem, understand the work their agencies do, and become involved on a daily basis. In addition to offering optimization and programmatic audits, we share our expertise so that our clients can become more autonomous and take responsibility for their products,” said Charles Beaulieu, Partner and General Manager, Glassroom.

Glassroom’s approach is based on three fundamental pillars: crystal clear transparency, the transformation of data into actionable insights, and process improvements. Put another way, Glassroom sells integrity by connecting marketing data and results with business data and results.

To learn more about Glassroom’s services, visit glassroom.ca.