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Bleublancrouge is looking for talent.Ready to do game-changing work? Take a look at the positions we’re looking to fill. But hey, if you think you’re right for us, don’t wait for a position to open up to prove yourself. It might be you we’re looking for. Be like Lionel, say “Hello!”

Job opportunities

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IT technician

In this role, you will provide professional and efficient technical support to all users of the company as well as ensure good management of IT equipment.


Duties and responsibilities

  1. Ensure good management of network equipment, servers and IP telephony
  2. Ensure the proper operation and life cycle of the Macintosh computer fleet
  3. Assess needs and coordinate IT purchases
  4. Coordinate various reports with the accounting
  5. Put in place policies for the proper functioning of the technologies at the Agency
  6. Perform any other related duties relevant to this position



  1. Technical diploma
  2. Minimum of 2 years experience in a similar job
  3. Knowledge of Apple, Windows, NAS
  4. Experience with Google APPS, Office 2016 Suite and Adobe CC.
  5. Knowledge of IP telephony
  6. Bilingual (French & English)
  7. Basic knowledge of networking and wireless networks


Required skills

  1. Ability in written communications
  2. Organization and good management of priorities
  3. Good analytical ability
  4. Good stress tolerance
  5. Ability to work in a team
  6. Autonomy and initiative
  7. Ability to handle multiple files simultaneously with tight deadlines


Join our team of adventurers, inspiringly talented individuals and courageous professionals.
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Analytics Solutions Architect, Media

Bleublancrouge is known for the creativity of its advertising service and the scope of its strategic thinking. In a stimulating and inspiring environment, the candidate will be encouraged to stand out from the crowd, working with digital communication platforms centred on transparency and performance. Specifically, the incumbent will be tasked with developing innovative solutions in digital analytics, audience management and marketing automation.

In this role, you will contribute to the agency’s success by acting as an expert in technological solutions and advanced marketing data analytics.


Duties and responsibilities

  1. Play an intermediary role in translating clients’ needs into technological solutions.
  2. Determine the technological requirements, develop the prototypes and demonstrate the viability of the tested solutions.
  3. Establish implementation guides, support technical teams, apply quality assurance procedures and ensure knowledge is transferred to clients (internal and external).
  4. Create dashboards, automated reports, and data visualization, advanced analytics and insight identification tools.



  1. University degree in a relevant field
  2. More than three years of relevant experience in a similar position
  3. Fluent in French and English (both written and spoken)
  4. Experience with data visualization platforms (Tableau, Datorama, etc.)
  5. Experience implementing and operating tag management tools (Google Tag Manager, Tealium, Adobe Dynamic Tag Management)
  6. Experience implementing analytics platforms (Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics) and conducting ongoing data analysis
  7. Advanced knowledge of data management platforms (DMPs) design and operation
  8. Experience with programming platforms (DSPs) and ad servers (an asset)
  9. Experience with offline data and client data (CRM, sales, store visits) management and campaign management platforms (ESPs) such as ExactTarget and Adobe Campaign (an asset)


Required skills

  1. Strong interpersonal skills
  2. Curiosity and exceptional attention to detail
  3. Solid analytical and reflective skills
  4. Analytical and conceptual thinking
  5. Able to manage priorities and stay organized
  6. Adept at managing multiple projects at the same time with tight deadlines
  7. Team player
  8. Flexibility

Join our team of adventurers, inspiringly talented individuals and courageous professionals.
Welcome to Bleublancrouge.


English Copywriter

Montreal or Toronto

Job description

BBR is one of the 10 most awarded agencies in Canada in 2016. We’ve recently welcomed the addition of several important national accounts, so we’re looking for talented English copywriters to join our creative team. We’re searching for ambitious creatives who want to work on ideas that are connected to social currents, and whose impact extends beyond the world of marketing. We want people who are passionate about changing the course of things for our clients, for our friends and for our communities. Talented, down-to-earth people who can draw on their skill, knowledge and audacity to solve problems of all kind. And of course, your capacity to think strategically and present confidently will be put to good use. On our end, we’ll do everything we can to give you the space, support and opportunities you need to shine.

To join our creative team, please send your LinkedIn contact and a link to your portfolio. Speaking of portfolios, here’s ours:


  1. 4-10 years’ experience
  2. Well-stocked portfolio
  3. Excellent knowledge of trends in tech, culture and media
  4. Excellent knowledge of advertising and pop culture
  5. Bilingualism


  1. Creative
  2. Organized
  3. Analytical
  4. Stress-resistant
  5. Plays well with others
  6. Autonomous and proactive
  7. Can manage several projects with tight deadlines at once
  8. Shows empathy



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