Plan International Canada and Bleublancrouge “Defy Normal”

Plan International Canada, one of the world’s most respected non-governmental organizations, is launching a high-profile integrated national campaign to raise awareness on children’s rights and the equality of girls, in partnership with creative agency Bleublancrouge (BBR) and sister company L’Institut Idée.

“For all our astounding technical and societal advances, we have also left behind millions of people, especially children and girls. This is just seen as ‘normal’,” says Caroline Riseboro, President & CEO of Plan International Canada. “Our ‘Defy Normal’ campaign is a declaration that we no longer accept a normal where girls’ rights are routinely denied, dismissed, or violated. We’re calling on all Canadians to defy normal and join us in the fight for girls’ rights and equality, around the world.”

“We’re incredibly proud to be working with Plan International Canada and to have created this ambitious campaign,” adds Wahn Yoon, President of BBR Toronto. “It’s an arresting campaign that doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to starting a long overdue conversation with Canadians on how we can no longer turn a blind eye toward the social norms we accept around children.”


The statistics around the violation of children’s rights, especially as it relates to girls, are undeniable. “Every two seconds, somewhere in the world a girl is forced into marriage. Tens of thousands of children are currently living in detention centres. We think that it’s unconscionable, and it’s time we take a stand,” says Penelope Fridman, President of L’Institut, who worked closely with Plan International Canada and BBR to develop the strategy behind “Defy Normal”.

This is not the first time that Plan International Canada and the team of Yoon and Fridman have collaborated. In 2009, they developed the NGO’s renowned Because I am a Girl campaign that put the plight and power of girls in the developing world on the map. Among other successes, the BIAAG campaign gathered 15,000 e-signatures that Plan International Canada and the Canadian Government used in 2011 to successfully persuade the United Nations to create The International Day of the Girl Child, now celebrated on October 11 of each year.

The Defy Normal campaign launches on October 1 and includes a :30 second TV spot on major television stations, a two-minute film to air in cinema on over 170 screens, super boards in major cities, large digital boards in Dundas Square and in Toronto’s Financial District, YouTube pre-roll, and many other channels. The campaign will drive audiences to the landing page at www.plancanada.ca/defynormal where Canadians can engage, donate and join the cause.