The future Royalmount site to host the 2nd edition of Les Crabes, with Bleublancrouge

Bleublancrouge is proud to launch the second edition of Les Crabes, a fundraising event in support of a major gift campaign for L’Ancre des Jeunes, an organization that has been helping lower the school dropout rate for 25 years.

A celebration of Quebec snow crab, the party will be held in a unique and novel venue: the future site of the Royalmount project. This new Carbonleo project, located in the heart of Montreal, will create a multifunctional, green, lively, local and innovative urban centre.

Skillfully orchestrated by the Haussmann Park team, this annual charity event will take you on a memorable journey.

In collaboration with partners like Royalmount, Haussmann Park, Solotech, U92 and Tocade, we are making a difference in the lives of Quebec youth by helping them get back on their feet.

Come get a taste of Quebec snow crab and take advantage of the opportunity to mix and mingle, all while contributing to a good cause!

Purchase tickets online at : https://billetterie.weezevent.com/soiree-les-crabes/

Les Crabes 2017_invitation