The 39th Festival International de Jazz de Montréal

A brand identity connected to festivalgoers’ five senses

In 2016, Bleublancrouge began the major undertaking of reinventing the brand identity of the Festival international de Jazz de Montréal. Today, the identity of Montreal’s biggest festival is directly linked to festivalgoers’ emotions.

“The organization wanted to make the festival stand out again, so we created a totally unique experience that combines technology and design. The crowd’s five senses—hearing, touch, sight, smell and taste—were captured by five different sensors, and the data they collected served as a framework to develop the graphic identity of the 39th annual Festival international de Jazz de Montréal. In this way, festivalgoers truly had a hand in creating the new branding,” says Jonathan Rouxel, Partner, VP and Executive Creative Director at Bleublancrouge.

Bleublancrouge is proud to participate in the success of the Jazz Fest, which surpassed the Formula 1 Grand Prix du Canada in 2017 as the tourist event generating the most economic spinoffs in Quebec. Last year, the economic activity created by the Festival increased by 24%, far exceeding the $39.1 million estimated in 2016.

Agency: Bleublancrouge
Design: Studio Baillat
Event: Festival international de Jazz de Montréal, Robocut Studio, Serge Maheu and Maxime Damecour