The Montreal International Jazz Festival reinvents its graphic identity

Bleublancrouge and Baillat Studio joined forces to create a new graphic identity for the Montreal International Jazz Festival.


The Montreal International Jazz Festival is Canada’s largest cultural event and the largest jazz festival in the world. While the festival is hugely popular and has an enviable reputation, its new identity is part of an equally new process of reinvention.

In 2016, Bleublancrouge called on seven designers to experience the frenzy of the Jazz Festival day and night in order to create an artistic vision that would set the tone for this new identity.

“The organization wanted to re-differentiate the Festival; to create a common vision and put festival-goers and performers at the heart of the experience. We created a new identity that reconnects with how the Festival makes people feel. This identity is inspired by the Festival’s atmosphere at night,” said Jonathan Rouxel, Partner, Vice-President and Executive Creative Director at Bleublancrouge.

To bring this vision to light, Bleublancrouge called on independent design studio Baillat Studio. “It was important to create a fresh, contemporary, vibrant, accessible and colourful identity that evokes the flow and feel of modern jazz,” adds Jean-Sébastien Baillat, Artistic and Creative Director at Baillat Studio.