Who’s behind all this BBRAVERY?

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France Wong
Vice President and General Manager, BBR Montreal

Determined to find powerful, lasting solutions for her clients, France has successfully spearheaded the transformation of so many big brands. No matter how complex the mandate or how bumpy the ride, her calm and considered leadership always shines through.

Sébastien Fauré
Senior Partner and CEO, BBR

Part innovative thinker, part straight talker and all-around natural born leader, Sébastien has a knack for building businesses and relationships. Focused on pioneering solutions for a new human-conscious era, Sébastien has a boundless entrepreneurial spirit and real passion for the creative product.

Joumana Oweida
Vice President and General Manager, BBR Toronto

Joumana’s energy is a force to be reckoned with—and that’s putting it mildly. Whether she’s building or rebuilding brands or leading multidisciplinary teams, she stops at nothing to solve clients’ business problems and better connect with consumers and the world.

Wahn Yoon
President, BBR Toronto

A pioneer when it comes to brands, purpose and causes, Wahn works tirelessly to connect the interests of business with the needs of society. His work as a strategist sees him collaborating with C suites at Fortune 500 companies all over the world, but he always comes right back to BBR Toronto, the shop he founded.

Chris Dacyshyn
Executive Creative Director, BBR Toronto

When Chris finds a brand she believes in, look out. There’s no telling how purpose-filled it will become or how far it will go. Over the years, she has put her signature style all over Desjardins, Dove, Hellmann’s, Huggies, Nike, Cadillac Fairview and many more.

Julie Markle
Executive Creative Director, BBR Toronto

A true “brand whisperer”, Julie delivers work that disrupts categories, spurs transformation, and changes hearts and minds. Whether she’s championing girls’ self-esteem, the importance of skin-to-skin hugs for babies or putting people before profits, Julie has mastered the alchemy of delighting both her clients and their audiences.

Sébastien Rivest
Executive Creative Director, BBR Montreal

Bringing out the best in people (and brands) is what Sébastien does best. A highly versatile creative director with an innate sense of strategy, he puts his all into understanding his clients’ objectives so that the end creative is as memorable as it is relevant.

Audraine Houël
Strategy Director, BBR Montreal

Poised. Passionate. Pragmatic. Audraine knows that listening to consumers is key to building brands that stand the test of time. Her keen insights are instrumental to creating meaningful, targeted campaigns that get results—and win awards.

Brian Feeny
Group Account Director, BBR Montreal

With his near-encyclopedic knowledge of the industry and deep respect for his clients and teams, Brian is the ally that you want on your side. His compelling work on Desjardins, Dell, IGA and RONA has proven that he can elevate strategy and branding to exciting new levels.

Nadine Arsenault
Director of Client Leadership, BBR Toronto

Nadine’s versatile portfolio and 20+ years in the industry have moulded her into a surefooted leader, keen on finding the sweet spot between masterbrand and product advertising that helps consumers maintain an emotional connection with brands.

Emily Joannisse
Director of Talent and Operations, BBR Montreal

The not-so-secret backbone of this whole operation, Emily sees to it that teams are effective, efficient and, most importantly, that they gel. Her years of experience have given her an uncanny knack for organization and a deep understanding of organizational culture.

Anik Pelletier
Vice President, Brand Language

If transcreation were a category on Jeopardy, Anik would sweep it hands down. She’s the language expert marketers turn to when looking to adapt their message to the Quebec market or implement francization policies. Her passion for language shows in everything she does.

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