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Nic Laloux was a tired, decade old wine with limited boomer appeal. To claw back relevancy and market share, we needed to reinvigorate the brand and attract Gen Z. But with zero social media presence, and a savvy target that loathed inauthenticity, it would not be easy to up Nic’s cool factor.


We connected with free-spirited Gen Z, by becoming one of them. Nic Laloux would not just be a wine, but a real bohemian gentleman who interacted with our target using an Instagram account fuelled by storytelling, engagement mechanics, and IRL meet-ups.

With the help of Youville Haussman Park and Alice & Smith, we created missions, lore and a scavenger hunt that required our game-obsessed target to move between the online and physical worlds. @niclaloux rewarded engagement with access to clues, exclusive content and limited-edition merch, culminating in the grand prize—Nic’s famous vintage bicycle!


Nic’s content reached 8.8M users, generating 48,000 interactions, 200 bits of UGC and 5,400 DMs and comments. Achieving an engagement rate of over 6X the industry norm in only three weeks, Nic wasted no time connecting with Gen Z.

  1. Sales:
  2. Best seller
  3. in grocery stores
  1. Interaction:
  2. +3000% 
  3. boost in Nic’s IG following
  1. Engagement:
  2. +7%
  3. Increase in engagement
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