Let’s Display Our Colours

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Sico is especially proud of its Quebec roots and the strong relationship it has built with Quebecers for over 80 years. But sales were dropping due to fierce competition.

How could we create a strong emotional connection with Quebecers so that Sico could regain its leadership position?


We created a vibrant tribute to Quebec’s cultural mosaic. Drawing references from the province’s rich culture, Sico created more than 150 colourful nods to Quebec and displayed them in every nook and cranny⁠, from music venues to campgrounds, theatres and bookstores—even along the St. Lawrence River. Each colourful reference was carefully contextualized using both digital and traditional signage, with the name of the colour replaced by a swatch from the Sico palette.


The “Let’s Display Our Colours” campaign proved to be a milestone for Sico and was able to reverse the decline in sales. Above all, we succeeded in solidifying Sico’s position in the hearts and minds of Quebecers.

  1. Earned media:
  2. 1.5M+
  3. Impressions

  1. Engagement rate:
  2. 3X
  3. the industry average

  1. Recall:
  2. 27% HIGHER
  3. than the industry average
  1. Video completion rate:
  2. 4X HIGHER
  3. than the industry average

“A creative approach to celebrating our sense of pride in a uniquely Quebecois way.”

Dominique Pépin, Associate Marketing Director, Sico Paints, PPG

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