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Each brand has its own spirit.

It has its own look, its own strategy, its own language. Brands developed in foreign markets need to make sure their messages resonate with the local culture. It’s a brave undertaking that’s right up our alley.

Speak local

Welcome to our world

Sooner or later, companies that want to make their mark in Quebec will need to develop a localization strategy, and this is what Brand Language does best. Masters in the art of word play, our language specialists can give your brand a voice that resonates locally—in English and in French.

From translation, to localization, to transcreation

The Brand Language approach

Translation is a must for companies that choose to play the multilingual card. But if they truly want their message to gel with their target market, they need to push the envelope. This is where transcreation comes in. A fusion of translation and creation, transcreation is our specialty.

Copywriting in action

Words at work

Short copy or long, we approach every writing project with the same care.

Before we dive in, we dig deep so we can fully understand your message and lay out our blueprint. Depending on what you’re looking for, our words can be thoughtful, lighthearted, entertaining, to-the-point, confident, comforting – anything, really.

“Can you write copy for wine labels?”

Let’s just say this: if it has words, it’s in our wheelhouse. Web, social media, blogs, radio scripts, videos, podcasts, outdoor advertising, SEM/SEO, style guides, internal comms and more. You name it, we write it.

When it comes to what we do, context is everything.

The best of both worlds

The Brand Language difference

Too many campaigns miss the mark once translated. Advertisers don’t have much choice, really: either they use a translation firm or they go with an advertising agency. Brand Language fills the gap in the market with a full-service offering that combines the agility of a translation agency and the creativity of a marketing communications company.

Brand Language puts creativity at the heart of the localization process.

Inclusive writing is essential

Write as if everyone’s reading

Society is changing and so is language. To reflect this reality, more and more brands are turning to us for guidance on inclusive writing. 

Neutral or non-binary writing, feminization, the singular “they” – we’re here to help you sort it all out and decide what approach you want to take to best reflect your audience.

Where linguistic identity meets brand identity

Francization 101

In Quebec and elsewhere, the ever-increasing popularity of English is unmistakable, and brands may be tempted to opt for a unilingual approach to their communications in order to keep up. But despite the language regulations set out in Bill 101, the consumer has the last word. Studies all over the world have shown that the vast majority of people prefer to shop in their native language, even online. And Quebec is no exception.

Brand Language can help you navigate these murky waters and meet your unique needs.

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